Gifts that Provide Income

Make a Gift and Receive Income for Life

"I always say, 'I am a Hopkins Nurse.' I still take pride in the education I received."
—Sally Sample, School of Nursing supporter, Johns Hopkins Legacy Society member

Sally Sample credits Johns Hopkins for launching her extraordinary, 40-year career in nursing. Now she returns the favor with a charitable gift annuity, creating opportunities in the School of Nursing while providing her with steady income in retirement.

Types of Life Income Gifts

  1. Charitable Gift Annuity - Immediate: Receive a fixed payout and significant tax benefits.
  2. Charitable Gift Annuity - Deferred: Recommended for younger donors to build retirement earnings for the future.
  3. Charitable Remainder Unitrust: Make a gift and create a flexible source of retirement income.
  4. Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust: Make a gift and receive a fixed-income payout each year.
  5. Charitable Bargain Sale: This part-gift/part-trust provides you with a charitable deduction plus cash.